Friday, 27 May 2011

Carrying the Torch

I have written two draft nominations for the Torch Relay. I need my nominees to agree of course.

There are other people I have mentioned this to and they said the same thing, "I am not inspirational". Well I think you are or I wouldn't have suggested it!

There are plenty of people in our communities who do things that keep life going for the rest of us. They fund raise for the local school and local charities. They give their time, like the the members of the Dartmoor Rescue Group or the RNLI. Teachers who encourage their students. All the people who run local clubs and sports facilities.

They inspire me and I am happy they are recognised in this way. Perhaps we should continue this after 2012?

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Thursday, 19 May 2011

Torch Relay

The initial route was announced yesterday and my first thought was Oh No. Devon will get two nights of events and Cornwall isn't getting any.

I checked some local papers today though and they all seemed positive and are taking the view that Cornwall is the start and will get all the national coverage. Phew! I just hope the weather is better than it was yesterday when Lands End was shrouded in mist. Not the photos Visit Cornwall want!

TV coverage in the Bristol area was great, but more restrained here. You can watch it on our Facebook page at relays south west. It includes former Olympian Jason Gardener wearing a RELAYS t-shirt.