Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Sportswomen of the Year

The Sunday Times is asking for nominations in 10 categories so I am going to make some for the first time.

I did look back over some of the Games Highlights, but I was pretty clear about the people I wanted to nominate in most of them. I don't know enough to nominate a Coach of the Year, and I don't know individuals within British Cycling, but they certainly deserve a mention.

My Young Paralympian is Hannah Cockroft. I loved her fierce concentration and desire to win and then after she won she would smile and enjoy it all. What a great smile and laugh. She is someone who would be fun on a night out.

Sportswoman of the Year for me is Jessica Ennis. I cannot imagine how she managed to balance the different training for each event in the heptathlon and her ability to concentrate and stay focused despite the media attention and the crowds.

I wasn't sure what was meant by Team of the Year. Is it a discipline like athletics or a team like GB Football? I am nominating the three young women who won the cycling Team Pursuit and in doing so broke their own record each time. Each time that is they went on the track in the heats and then in the final.

The Award for Inspiration really deserves to be shared between many in both the Olympic and Paralympic teams and as I cannot choose one I am nominating Paralympic Team GB. They have inspired me. They have challenged our perceptions and taught us how to deal with people with disabilities.

I do think a nomination category is missing. How about a Mum of the Year? All the sports people acknowledge that they could not succeed without their family's support and we did hear some of their stories too. What they give up to support their child. How they are anxious for them.

The cameras look for Mrs Hoy, Sir Chris's mum, in the crowd. She is such good value as she covers her eyes and misses the win. I know how she feels!

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PS Two of these won on the night!