Wednesday, 4 August 2010

Delivering Winners

On July 10th I was part of the team of people supporting the Devon Games to Inspire in Tavistock. More than 1500 people aged 8-16 took part in sports events, dancing, singing, and other activities.

The local team from West Devon were the overall winners when the sports points were totalled up. Exeter got the prize for best sportsmanship. Lots of people won medals. The event was described as "the day the Olympics came to Tavistock."

Today I was sent some photos, including those of our Games celebrity local Olympian Heather Fell. She is dwarfed by a huge lorry. A transport company is supporting the pentathletes and Heather's photo in her fencing suit adorns one of their lorries.

The photo is huge and on both sides of the truck. She hadn't seen it before and nor had her parents. They were stunned, but pleased, when I chatted to them.

The strap line on the lorry is Delivering Winners. I hope more companies follow their example.

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