Friday, 10 September 2010

700 days to go

The Olympic Park is huge. Looking at the website, London, just doesn't give an idea of the scale. The Park is the same size as Hyde Park, 50 hectares.

We took the free bus tour from Stratford. That helped me to understand LOCOG's vision of regeneration, encouraging more young people to get involved in sport and venues that can be used after the Games. Oh and exciting sports events.

London 2012 is using a world renowned sporting event to achieve the redevelopment of a grotty part of East London. Nor is it just the Park. It is the roads, the tubes, the railways and new stations. It is housing being developed and a shopping mall with John Lewis and M&S as flagship stores. It is cranes everywhere you look and the new stadium able to be seen from across London.

I was overwhelmed and proud. The site will look wonderful when all the building is completed, the trees and shrubs and environmental works in place and lots of people walking around and enjoying themselves.

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