Monday, 6 June 2011

Tickets anyone?

Three people have told me that money has been taken from their account, so they know they have got some tickets. I also heard from two that they haven't got anything

The fortunate ones are taking it well that they won't know what they have got for a couple of weeks, though one accepts it is unlikely to be the cycling. But what if it is? I will be jealous.

I was disappointed in the BBC Newsround coverage where kids were saying "It's not fair" or people complaining it was stupid system.

So what would your plan be? Speak up please. I guess it would be fair if they got tickets but others didn't...

I did like that London Mayor Boris Johnson wanted us to know he didn't get any tickets.

Yes, but he will be at the Opening and Closing Ceremonies and he won't be paying for those!

I am depending on VISA to let me win some. You will be the first to hear if I do!

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