Friday, 22 July 2011

(Nearly) One Year to Go!

This weekend is the Open Weekend for lots of cultural events. Not any near me, but plenty in London and other cities.

On Monday it is the DASH Games in Devon. These are for looked-after and disabled children in the area and thank goodness someone thought to put on something especially for them. RELAYS is working with the County Council and lots of other partners to run this.

I am invited along and I want to try and get some names for young people to nominate to take part in the Torch Relay via Lloyds Bank. It would be great to see some kids who haven't had much support in life being recognised.

On Wednesday evening it is a Team Devon evening to bring us all up to date on the plans for 2012. In Devon there are to be two overnight stops with the Torch Relays so two chances for fireworks!

Then no events for a month so I can stop and take a breather.

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