Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Games Makers

I was invited along to the Games Maker selection event in Plymouth last week. I was interested to see how it was organised.

I handed over my passsport and had a photo taken. I was given a white wristband, but forgot to ask what the white meant...I assume it was for a general volunteer. There were plenty of Cadbury's heros around to munch as Cadbury's, now Kraft, is a sponsor.

There was some information to read and a couple of videos playing showing the Olympic Park and giving information about The Games. Then we were all ushered into a space to see a film about the interview. This was hosted by Eddie Izzard and basically told us to relax and tell the interviewer how great we were.

The interviewers were all local people and I can confirm that as I knew two of them whom I saw when I was leaving. Just shows you how small a place Devon is!

What I said was written down and I guess will be reviewed in London and we will hear about December. Plymouth was the last place they visited and they were there for ten days. A good thing was they had chosen the time of the Firework Championships on the Hoe so they were all looking forward to going out in the evening and watching the displays.

People did look tired and I was on the penultimate day. The staff I met were all friendly and pleasant and obviously understood that they were marketing LOCOG. Well apart from the young man on the shop counter who looked at the floor and never smiled. I doubt he sold much!

The people who were being interviewed all seemed really keen to be involved and I hope that they get the chance to be part of London 2012. I now wear my wristband and impress my colleagues. I wonder how many Exeter students have been interviewed? I will know soon!

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