Friday, 9 September 2011

Look and Learn

I used to get a magazine called Look and Learn which was a general knowledge full colour magazine for kids with intellectual pretensions. I did not realise the last part at that time!

Watching the World Athletics from South Korea last week I realised just how much I have learnt about sport, and athletics in particular, in the last two years. I now understand some of the tactics and listen to the commentators in order to learn more. And it does help my enjoyment to understand and appreciate what is going on! Colin Jackson talking about the hurdler Sally Pearson made me watch what she was doing really carefully. Well, the slo-mo repeats.

I know, how nerdy am I?

Last night I watched a Diamond League evening of athletics from Zurich with some of the same athletes. Not all the big stars were there, but there were ones who didn't do well last week or who were left out of their teams and came along to show what they can do. So the British Relay men got around the track and didn't false start or drop the baton or bump into anyone or trip over and came 2nd. Hooray! It is like Michael Johnson says, "Get in the Final and anything can happen"

That's my mantra for life now.

I thought the Brits would win, but a Jamaican ran like he was on fire and took the race for his team. And that team was described as a scratch team-so not even the B team! Those folk are fantastic. They also seem to enjoy winning so much and they are fun to watch. As Mark Lewis-Francis said:
"I got run down by a Jamaican. But I can't complain about that."

The crowd last night were really supporting the athletes as the noise was noticeable even on tv. They were clapping and banging the barriers. The atmosphere must have been wonderful. I ended up exhausted on the sofa!

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