Saturday, 22 October 2011

Everyone's a winner

Last Wednesday we organised the Devon Ability Games to Inspire in Barnstaple. There were twice as many kids as last year and more schools involved. 252 kids and 7 schools plus teachers and helpers, 40 volunteers and 4 RELAYS staff. Controlled mayhem.

The kids could choose up to three sports from tennis, badminton, boccia, rowing, football and frisbee golf and two things to try fencing and racing wheelchairs. The fencing was very popular as they all wanted to be pirates. All the kids had a marvellous time.

Two special guests were Ryan Scott a sprinter and Keryn Seal a Paralympian footballer in blind football. They were great with the kids, signing autographs, chatting to them, encouraging them and posing for photos.

The kids were very well behaved with only a couple throwing wobblies. The young volunteers from Petroc were great. Good humoured, friendly and reliable. They were also about 16 and had to get themselves organised as there were too few of us to do that.

The coaches recommend the people who tried hardest for medals and those called forward were so delighted. The joy on their faces was fantastic. We had also got last minute Mandeville's to give out to each school and they seemed pretty happy to receive them.

One particularly good sport teacher dressed as a Kangaroo and went around hugging kids. He did complain that they thought he was a dog! I think it was the big ears. Well done Matt for getting into a smelly costume and making the kids laugh.

I am still shattered, but it was unforgettable.

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