Wednesday, 16 March 2011

And then I held the Olympic medal...

So, now it is less than 500 days to go until the fireworks go off at the Opening Ceremony for London 2012. We can now buy our tickets, although it might be for a sport you have never watched before. The countdown clock is working.

So what can people complain about? Here are two items from yesterday.

"Why should my kids be charged different prices for seats at events when they get the same enjoyment?" Should I have responded:
A) I am not paying more for your kids to be there
B) Don't take them then
C) Let them all be charged £16

In fact I said nothing, but look at what 24 hours of cogitation can come up with!

As for the crass comment reported from a Tory MP that EU nationals are "now taking our tickets" I'd like to say to her:
  • Remind yourself of the Olympic values. It is called International for a reason.
  • Let's also ban all friends or family of non TeamGB athletes getting tickets. All johnny foreigners.
  • Don't use London 2012 to peddle your views on the EU. That does neither you nor your party any credit.

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