Wednesday, 27 April 2011

I am feeling uninspired

Do you know about the Inspire Mark for projects inspired by London 2012? Or about the Get Set network for schools? Well, I guess you are like all the people I meet who say "The What?".

I have just been online to get the form for the Inspire Mark. I was on five different pages to be told I need to contact the programmer. He left at the end of February and hasn't been replaced yet.

For schools to be eligible for competitions and free tickets they need to be registered with Get Set. It is clear that people are not understanding this judging by the list for Devon and Cornwall schools involved. It is also not clear how long it takes to get an approval. I now learn from a school I encouraged to complete the application that it took six weeks. People need to know this.

I know my way around the system and I can ask people who know the current information what to do, but the website needs to be really spot on.

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