Thursday, 27 September 2012

Being there

I didn't say that I did go to two Olympic events. I went to a football match and to see the sailing.

The women's football games were in Cardiff. We had great seats, I was looking onto a goal. From the time we crossed the bridge into Wales there were signs telling us 'Olympics use jct 32'. That was really exciting. I had never attended a football match, never visited the Millennium Stadium and never been to an Olympic event so I felt  happy to be at the first event of 2012.

Despite all the stuff about security things were straightforward and clearly they are used to large crowds. There were a lot of women present who were like me and had never been to  see a football game so we didn't know the way to behave. I did think some instructions about the etiquette at a game would have been useful eg you cheer when the teams emerge with their flags; you cheer Team GB when they get within 20 feet of the goal and you groan when they miss.

We also wanted cups of tea at half time. The bar staff were polite, but clearly thought we were strange to be asking. Also if they do want women to go along to matches then they need to think about the food offerings. A bacon sandwich might be ok, but a scone and a cup of tea was what was wanted.

The sun shone down on us while we boiled, I had taken my sun hat and felt smug. At 9.15pm when we got back to the car it was 22C. In Cardiff!

I noticed that the Team GB Women were on tv last week. More coverage of women in sport would be a great legacy and a full stadium for the Wembley Games shows they do have support.

How do you know when a sailing race starts? I thought there would be a cannon firing. Instead there was a lot of moving around so I didn't know when it had actually started. It took the family next to us to confirm that things had got underway. That and the two helicopters overhead. Security was fine and failry low key for the crowd, but there was a large warship in the bay.

The town was en fete with some beautiful yachts dressed with flags and a number of Europeans and Aussies supporting their sailors. Again the sun shone and the bay looked lovely.

I still know nothing about sailing, but sitting in the sunshine watching the yachts and the people around you is a good way to pass an afternoon.

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