Wednesday, 26 September 2012

It can't be all over yet...

Seeing the flame go out at the Closing Ceremony after the Olympic Games was heart wrenching for me. For a few days I felt so sad. But then I realised that the Paralympics were coming along and cheered up, took time off work and sat and watched Channel 4 just as much as I could. Even when the sun shone!

After the Paralympics the flame went out again, but it was made clear it was being passed on and so that was ok. I am not sure how much more excitement and tension I could have coped with! This was my first experience of watching Paralympic sport and how fantastic it was. I truly just saw the sport and not the person's disability.

Highspots for me were British Cycling generally and Sir Chris Hoy in particular getting a further two medals. I did cry when he was presented with the second one. David Rudisha in the 800 metres. He ran so smoothly and what seemed to be effortlessly. He also ran like I have seen in newsreels of Jesse Owens. The crowds cheering fit to burst, particularly when there was a Brit involved and Jonny Peacock's 100 metres. Then afterwards him saying, "Oh that's annoying, I could have done it better." 

I have a new hero, as Sir Chris is retiring, David Weir. 4 gold medals in a week on different distances. I had to go and get those stamps.

I always believed the Games would be well received, but I never expected just how much it caught people's imagination. The Torch Relay started it off and then it even stopped raining for most of the actual events.

As the news stays gloomy and we get into the winter and cold and fed up then I will think about the fun and excitement of it all and watch again on BBC or on the DVD due out at the end of October.

My final thought today was realising we are Team GB too. All of us.
And didn't we behave so well!

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